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How Affordable Is Housing in Canada Anyway?

Using the pricing for basic necessities like gas and food increasing, it is no wonder that people tend to be more conscious of the way they spend their cash. As a result, the average person is much more hesitant regarding housing and also the plausibility of making an order that requires this type of sizable [...]

Moving From A Condo to a Single-Family Home

Moving from a condo to some single-family house is definitely not with no learning curve. As you was previously in a position to have the cost of major repairs fall on your landlord should you be a renter, or as a person in an apartment association have your sidewalk shoveled in the winter and lawn [...]

Second Mortgage Charge-Off: Do you know the Ramifications?

Scenario: We now have an initial mortgage along with a home loan on our home. My husband has lost his job recently and that we are lagging behind our mortgage repayments. We are somehow able to take proper care of the first mortgage. However we can not make payments on the home loan. I’m guessing [...]

Are you looking to Downsize Your House?

On the planet of homes, bigger is not always better. But exactly how are you able to effectively determine when it is time for you to downsize your house? Here are a few from the key reasons for doing the work: 1. You are retiring This is probably the most common reasons that homeowners choose [...]

Building Energy Rating

What exactly is it? It’s a standard calculation of your dwelling’s energy performance, so basically it is to measure just how much energy and carbon your house will use and produce annually. There are exceptions for certain types of homes, for example, protected structures and certain temporary homes. Who requires a BER Certificate? A seller [...]