Building Energy Rating

What exactly is it?
It’s a standard calculation of your dwelling’s energy performance, so basically it is to measure just how much energy and carbon your house will use and produce annually. There are exceptions for certain types of homes, for example, protected structures and certain temporary homes.

Who requires a BER Certificate?
A seller must provide a BER to prospective buyers or tenants when a house is constructed, sold or rented. All existing homes for sale or rent on or after the 1st of January 2009. An existing dwelling is a dwelling which has previously been sold and/or occupied.

Factors the assessors will inspect

• Size, geometry and exposure of dwelling
• Materials used for construction of the dwelling.
• Thermal insulation of the different elements of your building fabric.
• Efficiency, responsiveness and control characteristics from the heating system.
• Solar gains through glared openings of the dwelling.
• Fuel employed for space and water heating, ventilation and lighting.
• Renewable and alternative energy generation technologies incorporated in the dwelling.

Once this assessment is carried out you’ll get a building energy rating certificate.

You also will receive an advisory report, contained in this will be advice including the following:
• Building Fabric
• Walls, Roof and Floors
• Windows and Doors
• Healthy Ventilation
• Space Heating
• Water Heating
• Lighting
• General Advice

Here are some of the offences that could lead you to pay an excellent as high as ?5000 or a term of imprisonment of up to months or both the fine and imprisonment;
- Folks who wants permit an inspection of the building
- If you refuse to adhere to any request or dependence on an authorized officer made under the regulations associated with inspection of a building, without reasonable cause
- Interference, obstruction or assault of an authorized officer when they’re doing their job
- Failure to acknowledge a particular material in the building that might change or have an effect on the assessment from the building.

Why should you possess a BER Certificate?
If you have a BER Certificate, this can provide you with much more of a benefit in the selling market. It will show any potential buyers that your building is finished in the best quality and that it is a safe house and is environmentally safe also.

Just how long does a BER Certificate are?
Your BER Certificate can last for 10 years. Although if the dwelling significantly changes you have to obtain a new rating.

Just how long will it take?
Depending on the size of the dwelling will depend on the length of time it will require. 1-3 bedroom house/apartment will approximately take 30 mins/ 60 mins and a 4-5 bedroom house/ apartment will require 60 mins/ 120 mins approximately.

Who is accountable for the BER Scheme?
It had been established underneath the European Communities Regulations 2006. SEAI (Sustainable Energy Authority Ireland) has been designated because the Issuing Authority with responsibility for the registration of BER assessors, logging of BER assessments and continuing control over the BER Scheme. SEAI has put an extensive quality assurance system in place to audit BER assessors and assessments and also to protect the integrity from the BER Scheme.

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