Responsible Car Pooling

There are a lot of available automotive services that can fit your car’s needs. Some are necessary at regular intervals for maintenance, and some are needed only when certain symptoms are noticed. As a responsible car owner, it is your job to know every single car service that is available and how frequently your car requires them.

This is especially true if you frequently car pool and carry other adults or children in your car. For a lot of people, car pooling back and forth to work with other workmates, and even car pooling children back and froth to school is not just responsible for environmental reasons, but also for financial ones. When it is your turn to carry the other adults or even children in your vehicle, you are basically taking their lives into your hands.

Keeping your vehicle well maintained, safe and reliable becomes even more important for responsible drivers.

Although you can check fluids in between scheduled maintenance services, you should leave the actual services up to the car care professionals who are able to spot any potential problems with their trained eye and are able to expertly prepare your vehicle for safe driving. Go to your trusted and skilled car repair shop to have the mechanic perform all of the following automotive services at their scheduled time:
Brake Services, Tune ups, Fuel Injection Services, State Inspection Services, Wiper Blade Replacement, and Tire Rotation and Balance.

Here are some additional tips and advice for Car Pooling:

Get Better Gas Mileage-
When it is your turn to provide the car pooling, your miles will no doubt increase on that day as you may be driving more than one person to more than one location. Go to a reliable car care center and have a full service oil and lube. You might want to consider requesting your mechanic to use a high mileage oil filter. This type of oil filter has a special gel added to it that reduces wear on your engine. It maintains oil viscosity and is designed to neutralize acids. This helps to keep your engine’s components clean and therefore improves mileage.

Be Prepared-

It is always a good idea to keep an emergency first aid kit, extra blankets, an extra change of clothes, bottles of water, and snacks to make sure your passengers can be comfortable and safe while you await assistance. Make sure you have a cell phone that is charged up so you can call for help if needed. You can also prepare the car itself by making sure your wiper washer fluid is topped off. Have your local trusted Car Shop perform Radiator Maintenance with a Radiator Flush. The leading cause of mechanical failure while driving on the highway is due to failure of your cooling system. This causes damage to your engine and transmission and will leave you on the side of the road, along with the passengers you are carpooling.