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The History of Armored Car Services

The history of armored transportation stretches as far back as the movement of large cargo. Traditionally, smaller valuables were transported in a more ‘cloak and dagger’ fashion. Carriers would attempt to fit in with other travelers so that they didn’t reveal the value of their cargo. This strategy doesn’t work, however, when the precious cargo is large.

Early transports were caravans with armed personnel. Even Spanish galleons were armed with cannons to battle would-be thieves on trips to the New World. Later, stagecoaches become common. They were outfitted with reinforced lockboxes while guards sat ‘shotgun,’ literally carrying a shotgun for defense. This is the origin of the colloquial term now shouted to secure rights to the front passenger seat.

World War 1 saw the first military armored transport. Tanks, armored personnel carriers, and even an armored Rolls-Royce were developed in the 1910s for the new style of military combat. Armored cars allowed for mobile anti-aircraft guns as well as for safe movement of precious cargo. The success of these vehicles led a Chicago company named Brink’s to beginning armoring school buses for carrying currency in the 1920s. The Brinks armored bus was closely followed by a Model-T full of armed guards.

Many parts of these early armored cars were still made of vulnerable materials. Over the years, the materials used in armored transport have changed from wood and glass to more durable and bullet proof material. Steel is now the most common armor for vehicles. It is hardened by either heat treatment or by the addition of chromium and nickel during production. Windows are now made of thick automotive glass and bulletproof optical plastic.

While armored cars are still used for military purposes, their civilian use is also vital. Armored transportation is now used for the transportation of funds to and from banks and ATMs, medical deliveries and pickups, and other expensive cargo.

Enjoying a Career in Automotive Customer Service

If you enjoy working with the public, and if you love cars, you may want to take the time to learn more about the Advanced Automotive Service Advisor diploma programs offered by many automotive schools. Designed to prepare students for the front lines of the automotive industry- interacting with customers on a daily basis- the programs contain both theoretical and practical components to ensure that graduates are prepared to excel in the automotive market, either as Service Advisors, or as Parts Consultants. Specific skills taught to students include:

  • Time management
  • Automotive systems
  • Effective communication skills
  • How to resolve customer conflicts
  • Management of invoices, inventory, and warranties
  • Customer service and customer care
  • Basic operations of a dealership

Diplomas for Advanced Automotive Service Advisor programs always place a strong emphasis on learning software systems in computer labs. Competent software skills are key in any profession, and the ever-changing automotive industry is no exception. Often, a student will spend up to 50% of their time learning the systems which are the backbone of today’s car dealerships. Examples of software systems which are taught to Service Advisor and Parts Consultant students are:

  • The Reynolds & Reynolds® dealership system
  • Automotive Business Management Systems (ABMS)
  • The Snap-On Shop Key estimating tool
  • The International Parts Corporation (IPC) parts catalogue system

No Advanced Automotive Service Advisor diploma program would be complete without hands on study. Typically, students begin learning the basics of customer service in a simulated parts and service counter with multi-faceted role-playing. Students are exposed to typical customer interaction scenarios in order to develop their skills and increase their comfort level with public interaction. Constant feedback is provided by teachers to ensure that students learn how to adapt to the dynamic service department of a car dealership. Next, students take part in a mutli-week on-site internship where they are placed in an actual dealership. This phase of a student’s learning is critical, as they gain invaluable experience, make contacts, and learn what life as a Service Advisor or Parts Consultant is really like. Many students appreciate this real-world experience, and consider it an integral part of their education.

Throughout their program, students are encouraged to interact with their teachers, all of whom will have solid practical experience as well as sound theoretical knowledge. In the end, an Advanced Automotive Service Advisor diploma student can expect to graduate with the kind of training needed to be successful in today’s automotive market.

Does Your Car Repair Shop Offer ALL the Car Services You Need

There are thousands of car repair shops that are willing to take in your car. A lot of these shops offer various automotive services and service specials for your car. But the question is, do they all offer the services that your car needs in one complete shop?

There are a couple of things that a car owner must remember when trying to maintain a car and one of the most important things is to be consistent and keep good records. Some parts of your car need maintenance every month, some every three months, and some annually. Some services are more dependent upon certain mile markers, and they need maintenance every 3000 miles or every 30,000 miles or every 60,000 miles. One example of a car care service that needs attention every 3,000 miles is the oil change, which is also called a Full Service Oil and Lube, and Tune Ups are recommended every 12,000 miles.

Full Service Oil and Lube services are one of those important services that your car must have. Without this, it will result in major damage to your car’s engine and can even shorten your car’s life. Full service oil and lube services include checking your air filter (Air Filter Service), checking your wipers (Wiper Blade Replacement), replacing the oil filter and much more.

If ever your engine begins making a knocking noise, running out of oil because you have neglected to have a Full Service Oil and Lube is only one possible explanation. Another possible explanation is that you have a build up of deposits on your fuel injectors which is restricting the flow of fuel to the engine. A Fuel Injection Service will clean these deposits off your entire fuel system.

Your State Inspection Service must be performed at least once every 12 months in accord with State law. This inspection will test the function of all the major components of your car to ensure they are performing adequately and safely.

Some maintenance services, such as Brake Services, are more dependent upon symptoms than a set time frame. In the case of your brakes, you know when you hear squeaking, grinding, or your brakes feel “soft”, that it is time for service. Another example of a type of maintenance that goes more off of symptoms than set time frames or mileage markers is your Radiator Maintenance. This maintenance requires a Radiator Flush Service that provides a Cooling System Flush and Recharge to avoid damage to your engine and transmission. If your temperature gauge ever shows that your engine is running too hot, then immediately has this service performed.

Whether you are looking for maintenance services such as a Power Steering Flush, Tire Rotation and Balance, Brakes and Tune ups, or any of the other services mentioned above, you can see the advantage of finding one qualified, trustworthy and skilled car care shop that can handle ALL your maintenance requests. Not only is this a matter of convenience, but they can assist you in keeping up with your maintenance records and inform you when any services are due to be performed.

Which Car Services Do I Really Need

People who are new to the automotive world may find it a challenge to understand even just the basics of their car. They may find it even more confusing when they see the hundreds of automotive service shops and the different service specials that are available, all claiming to be vital to your car’s performance. How do you know which services really are vital to the function and life of your vehicle? This article will discuss a few of the most important services that cannot be overlooked.

One of those services that are important to your car involves frequent Tune ups. Since your car can be worn out over time and over excessive usage, every 30000 miles or at least once every two years, a tune up is needed in order to replace parts of the car’s engine that have turned faulty or have experienced excessive wear. By having regular Tune ups, this will extend your car’s life and will improve your car’s performance as well.

Another service that works back to back with tune ups is the Brake Service. Brake pads in particular, are wearable items that bear the entire weight of your car on a frequent basis. You rely on these pads for your very life in order to stop your car. The pads must be replaced regularly, as well as your cylinders and your brake fluid. Don’t wait until you see a warning light on your dash board telling you that something is wrong. Are your brakes making excessive noises such as squeaking or grinding? Does the car shake when coming to a stop? Don’t put off having a brake service performed. It might just mean your life.

Full Service Oil and Lube is another service that is important for your car. This service includes an oil change, which should be done at least once every 3000 miles or at every three months, whichever comes first. This service also addresses other parts of the car, such as the oil filter, belts, battery, car wiper blades and many more. If your car care center sees that the wiper blades of the car need replacement, then a Wiper Blade Replacement is offered.

The Full Service Oil and Lube service makes sure that all parts of the engine remain lubricated, to prevent damage to your engine. The fuel you put in your car makes sure that the engine has the power needed to runr. Therefore, having a Fuel Injection Service performed every 15000 miles or once a year, is vital to ensure proper operation of your car. During this service, the mechanics will completely clean your car’s fuel injection system from carbon deposits that will harm your engine. This ensures maximum performance of your car, as well as improves your fuel economy.

Radiator Maintenance is another type of maintenance that your car must have every once in a while. During this service, a qualified technician will perform a Radiator Flush Service. Your radiator is vital for keeping your engine and transmission cooled. If your cooling system happens to fail, this can cause major damage to your engine or transmission. So, prevention is important to avoid failure. With a Radiator Flush, the mechanic will drain and refill your radiator to remove 95% of the contaminants found in the old fluid, which consist of rust and scale. They will also check for leaks. A radiator with no fluid or fluid levels that are too low, is useless.

Other services that your car will need as part of its regular maintenance program is Tire Rotation and Balance, and of course your State Inspection Service. For your convenience, and for the best possible Car Care, choose a complete Car center that is able to provide ALL of the services mentioned above, as well as battery maintenance, and any other repairs necessary. By using a facility that has a wide range of skills and expertise, they can spot and diagnose a potential problem in one area when they are servicing your car for something entirely different. For example, if they are performing a Tire Rotation and Balance, and they also are trained and experienced in providing brake services, while they are working on your tires, they may notice that your brake pads are excessively worn, or that your rotors or cylinders need service. Or they might be flushing your radiator and notice that your battery connections are corroded and on its last leg. Bring your car to a Full Service Shop that offers a complete line of car care services and a total range of expertise!

Why to Take Advantage of a Buying Car Service

So you have got a raise in your salary, finally, and you are now thinking of buying a car for your family and going on a long vacation. Or is a car a surprise that you would like to bring home for your wife and your children? Buying a car is one of the most important choices that you make in the span of your life. This is because a car can cost a substantial amount.

Also one is spending one’s hard earned money in buying the car. Taken advantage of a buying car service is without a doubt a great idea.What are the important tips to observe while buying a car? One of the most important decisions in buying a car is that whether you would like to purchase a brand new car or a second hand car will do. Both the options mentioned have their own advantages and disadvantages. And there is of course the option of using a car buying service.

Buying a first hand car can set you back by a few thousand dollars. Also it maybe a little risk if one is buying a new car which is just introduced in the market. Since the car is just introduced in the market, no one knows how its performance will be. However if someone buys a new car which has been introduced to the market a long time ago, one can find out he reviews of its performance from sources like automotive magazines, from information on the internet and also from peers and friends. However, buying a new car can save on repair costs as the breakdowns can be less as compared to buying a second hand car. Buying a second hand car proves to be a good option when does not have much funds to contribute towards the purchase of the car.

But buying a second hand car can prove to be risky as there is no guarantee or warranty provided with the second hand car as compare to buying a first hand car. Also buying a second hand car can prove to be a little risky due to breakdowns suffered by the car at regular intervals. If one’s luck is good one can find a good second hand car also. What you need to do is look at all of your options to find the one that is best for you and your situation.In case of buying a car, a thorough research of the car is very much necessary. Consult your friends on the car’s performance, read the reviews of the car in magazines and on the internet and also consult automotive specialists.

It is necessary to fix your budget before buying the car. Always look at the manual of the car and study the specifications. Also take the car on a test drive to feel the comfort factor while driving. In case of a second hair car, it is advisable to take your mechanic along with you as he can test and check the engine from inside and also thoroughly observe if the other parts are in good condition and will be able to work well in the future.

If you are unsure of where to buy a car and which car to get, why not take advantage of a car buying service? They tailor what they do to meet your specific needs and offer solutions to what matters to you most. Unlike car buying online, auto clubs, brokers a car buying service does not represent the auto manufacturer, not the car dealer, not a marketing company but you. Car buying services do not “push” any specific make or model, and they can handle new cars or used cars, purchased or leased. A car buying service will give you honest and truthful information. They are professionals with knowledge about all the “hidden incentives” and options that can save you money — a lot of money, and time.

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